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The Vineyards


Botrytis at Quarts de Chaume

Cases ready to be filled with the harvest

Les Treilles

Harvesters at La Fresnaye

Here are some serious harvesters

A beautiful day to harvest on Les Treilles


Early morning harvest at La Fresnaye

Harvest crew at Les Treilles

Even the chickens help with the clean up

Cabernet Franc at Bourgueil

Beautiful Bortrytis

La Fresnaye harvest 2009

Savennieres Harvesting Chenin at Savennieres

Joseph, Isabelle and Jo checking maturity in La Fresnaye


Veraison on cabernet Franc Veraison on Cabernet Franc

Harvest time at Clos des Bois at St Aubin de Luigné

Isabelle hoing, Joseph mowing Joseph on the caterpillar tilling between the vines. Isabelle pulling the weeds while the soil is still fresh and moist

The "not-so-wanted on our vines" slug

Another, not so welcomed in our vineyard, snail. You are out of here!!!

Under the vine leaf we discover spittle. What could it be?

Investigating the unknown spittle to discover....

aaaah, you are a cicada!!!

Isabelle and Wendy working on the young vines by choosing the branch, which will be the ultimate base.

Lysandra Bellargus

A green spider

lets not bug each other

Spectacular view from the top of Les Treilles


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Veraison on cabernet Franc Veraison on Cabernet Franc

Chenin Blanc ripening

Wine Salons in 2014

Here are the dates for the upcoming professional wine fairs where we will be presenting our wines: Monday 27 till (...)

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